Thursday, 6 May 2010

surveys and more surveys

about three months ago i was researching online on different ways to make i know, most of the promises to make money online are scams e.t.c, but on this forum i came across the idea of filling in online surveys, so i went for it. i registered for toluna and lightspeed (whose surveys are annoyingly long but that's another post)

the deal with online surveys is that most of them give you points for every survey you take and then when your points accumulate to a certain amount you can exchange then for shopping vouchers. Yay! It might not be hard cash but atleast you get the money to buy stuff, therefore you get to save your own money.

i have about 60, 000 points with toluna, which is 20, 000 short of the amount needed to get a £15 shopping voucher. Meager I know, but I'm trying to do anything and everything. I must say though, these surveys are not for everyone, they can really test your patience. I can't tell you how much I've clicked on the 'don't know' option on some surveys because I was either too tired or just couldn't be bothered but needed the bloody points anyway.


Sheila said...

Well, thanks for this! I had completely forgotten about Lightspeed! I do Toluna and Valued Opinion surveys. Toluna have been hopeless recently, they owe me two Amazon tokens, one from 8 weeks ago but VO are pretty good. YouGov aren't bad I suppose. It takes ages to build up points but you get a £50 cheque when you do.

Thanks for visiting my blog! :)

Nedemgirl said...

Thanks for visiting mine too! :-) Yes, Lightspeed, funny enough I've sort of given up on it because the surverys are just too tedious!

As for Toluna, well I'm still collecting points...I'll see how that goes. I've never tried VO but I shall have a look. I registered with YouGov but didn't do anything with it.