Friday, 1 October 2010

long time no posts, i know!

something unexpected happened to me- such is life :-( - so my plans to visit turkey, cyprus and malta have been put on hold for the short term. only for the short term mind. since whatever happened rendered me useless in planning and budgeting for matters turkey, cyprus and malta, i decided to make up for it and do some small time travelling around the uk, and then of course write about it.

so, for my current travel writing blog, visit me here.

still, i promise you that turkey, cyprus and malta are still on my mind and i shall 'do' them one day. only not any time soon.

Monday, 17 May 2010

working hard

I'm currently very busy trying to finish my final year project in time. Hand in is this coming Friday and then after that we have about a week or two before we complete everything and graduate. Woop! I'm very excited because that means I'll be able to start looking for a job and to continue focusing on saving money.

I'll update on what I've saved so far next week.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

surveys and more surveys

about three months ago i was researching online on different ways to make i know, most of the promises to make money online are scams e.t.c, but on this forum i came across the idea of filling in online surveys, so i went for it. i registered for toluna and lightspeed (whose surveys are annoyingly long but that's another post)

the deal with online surveys is that most of them give you points for every survey you take and then when your points accumulate to a certain amount you can exchange then for shopping vouchers. Yay! It might not be hard cash but atleast you get the money to buy stuff, therefore you get to save your own money.

i have about 60, 000 points with toluna, which is 20, 000 short of the amount needed to get a £15 shopping voucher. Meager I know, but I'm trying to do anything and everything. I must say though, these surveys are not for everyone, they can really test your patience. I can't tell you how much I've clicked on the 'don't know' option on some surveys because I was either too tired or just couldn't be bothered but needed the bloody points anyway.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

why cyprus

warning: do not come at me with political comments on this post a la YouTube. they will be promptly deleted because i don't do politics. i simply appreciate the beautiful world we live in now let's all get along.

because i've been there before. i loved it. it was the best two weeks of my life. if i had loads of money i would go there again and again. or possibly live there, to and fro-ing to turkey ( a girl can dream)

some picture from kuzey kibris 2009.

in the first picture you can see the flag. at night, when the lights are put it makes for such a lovely sight.

Sunday, 2 May 2010

why malta

the video below, that's why.

whoever said tv has no effect on people's lives, eh? parents, watch your kids!

Saturday, 1 May 2010

let's go!

it's may. from now on i embark on a very frugal existence, not that it's something new seeing as i've been a full time university student for three years now (graduating in a month hopefully). this time i'm cutting back on a lot more things. i know to some people turkey is just around the corner (and all the other countries in europe for that matter) and they can pop over for a holiday whenever they please but it's different for me. my finances have taken a terrible dip in the past few years. my only hope is that after i graduate i'll be able to get a good job to make things a lot easier. to be honest though, i'll do any type of work. i can't afford to be very fussy in this current economy anyway. at least not for now.

i've decided i'm spending the £40.

so, the official starting mark: £0.00

Thursday, 29 April 2010

why turkey

i have a love affair with this country. to say i'm obsessed is an understatement because i'm bloody obsessed with turkey! i've even considered studying there or living there but that's another story.

my love for turkey started purely by accident. it was august last year and i was all over the place, no plans e.t.c, before i knew it i had met people from turkey who later became my friends and it went on until i just randomly found myself with a bunch of people i call friends from turkey (the list is still growing). the rest as the say is history. well, actually not because i then went to cyprus and spent two weeks in north cyprus and fell in love with the turkish language, culture and basically everything turkish.

so now i want to go to turkey itself.

picture from here.