Thursday, 29 April 2010

why turkey

i have a love affair with this country. to say i'm obsessed is an understatement because i'm bloody obsessed with turkey! i've even considered studying there or living there but that's another story.

my love for turkey started purely by accident. it was august last year and i was all over the place, no plans e.t.c, before i knew it i had met people from turkey who later became my friends and it went on until i just randomly found myself with a bunch of people i call friends from turkey (the list is still growing). the rest as the say is history. well, actually not because i then went to cyprus and spent two weeks in north cyprus and fell in love with the turkish language, culture and basically everything turkish.

so now i want to go to turkey itself.

picture from here.

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

here i start

so, where do i start? i presume you've read the about me section, so i'll give it to you here in a nutshell before laying it on thick in upcoming posts.

the plan: leave for turkey by the end of june 2011

ifs: proceed to malta and cyprus if money saved exceeds my expectation

when does saving start: may 2010

pre-saving so far: £40 (which will probaly never the see the inside of my plastic travel fund container because i plan to buy a guitar)