Saturday, 1 May 2010

let's go!

it's may. from now on i embark on a very frugal existence, not that it's something new seeing as i've been a full time university student for three years now (graduating in a month hopefully). this time i'm cutting back on a lot more things. i know to some people turkey is just around the corner (and all the other countries in europe for that matter) and they can pop over for a holiday whenever they please but it's different for me. my finances have taken a terrible dip in the past few years. my only hope is that after i graduate i'll be able to get a good job to make things a lot easier. to be honest though, i'll do any type of work. i can't afford to be very fussy in this current economy anyway. at least not for now.

i've decided i'm spending the £40.

so, the official starting mark: £0.00

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